Mindful Slow Flow Yoga

Mindful Slow Flow Yoga

Mindful slow flow yoga is a wonderful yoga practice suited for people who want the benefits of a slower gentler yoga practice, such as improved sleep, and greater sense of calm and well being and more energy.

It is highly beneficial for creating nervous system resilience, releasing stress  and is achievable for bodies that need a little more love and support

The class starts with breath work  and moves into mindful movement and ends with a deep relaxation, leaving you feeling  relaxed and energized.

If you are a highly active person and have trouble relaxing this class may be challenging for you. You won’t regret learning the skills of softening into your body and moving mindfully. It improves mental health, resilience, immune system response and leaves you feeling calmer and more in control.

​You are encouraged to start the practice in a chair or comfortable seat.

​Each class ends with a relaxation so have your blanket and be ready to get cosy.

FAQ – what do I need for the class:  a chair, water, your yoga mat (if you have one), and a blanket.

Mindful yoga is different to other yoga classes that I attended. I really enjoy yoga with Clare, the slow mindful yoga is a lovely relaxed class, it combines the philosophy of yoga with gentle movements.

We are encouraged to think into each posture  and while it seems very gentle , it is deceptive because there is great work done and after the class I  am more aware of my body, the tension I have in various muscles and how to release  the tension through movement and using the breath.

I  have a problem with balance, and the standing postures really help my  confidence.

I love the relaxation at the end of the class. The class seems to go by very quickly but there is a lot of work done.


Mindful slow flow yoga with Clare is a delicious treat for body, mind and soul. Clare’s heart centred way of being and soothing tones guide you beautifully into embodied presence.💓💓💓

Breeda, Co. Meath


09 Sep 2021


11:00 - 00:00




Remote (Zoom)