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I help yoga teachers who want to deepen their self practice, develop their skills and empower them to teach their students in a way that feels really good and completely unique and authentic to them. 

Your 200 hour yoga teacher training is a wonderful and transformative journey to start you off to sharing what you love. But it is only the beginning. Supporting teachers like you to find their voice, hone their skills and step into their power is what I love to do. 

I’ll help you deepen your own practice, feel more supported and empowered whether you want to learn to teach pregnancy yoga, meditation classes and courses, or post natal yoga so you can support all your students in a way that feels natural, easy and authentic to you.  

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Pregnancy Yoga teacher training, Mum & Baby/post natal teacher training, Meditation teacher training, Yoga for the classroom.

Specialist trainer for teachers

Yoga alliance accredited professional yoga and meditation teacher trainer with over 10 years experience training yoga teachers. 

Great Atmosphere

Supportive empowering masterclasses and trainings,  gain new skills and qualifications in your own home with a professional trainer to guide you, small class numbers guaranteed.

Your free guide - how to support your pregnant student

Have you had that moment when one of your yoga students whispers that she is pregnant. You say congratulations but your mind is racing back to your teacher training trying to remember what is safe for pregnancy and anything else you need to know about it. 

You are not alone. 

Most basic teacher training courses don’t cover it. Even if they do include a session on yoga for pregnancy there is so much to learn and take in that you can’t remember everything. I know because I teach on those courses.  But most yoga classes are predominantly female and usually lots of women in their twenties and thirties. Chances are at some point nearly every yoga teacher will have a pregnant student in their class.

I have been training pregnancy yoga teachers since 2014. People kept asking me,  but which poses are okay for pregnancy, so finally I wrote this guide for my trainees and I got such great feedback on it I wanted to share it.  I believe every yoga teacher should know the basics about supporting their pregnant students. 

This guide includes simple traffic lights for pregnancy so you will know which poses and practices are green for go and which ones are red for pregnancy in a general yoga class.   

Enjoy the guide. 

Yoga Classes
You don’t have to turn yourself inside out to do yoga, and I train yoga teachers so beginners or experienced yogis, all are welcome to the classes
Advanced Yoga Teacher Training
Practicing yoga and meditation is amazing and life changing. Learning to teach these practices is transformative. It allows us to really deepen our own understanding and guide others and support their well being through these practices. Developing your skills as a teacher is so empowering. I will support and guide you to hone your skills, gain knowledge, and insight, and develop your authentic voice in a joyful connected way. What a simple but profound way to make a positive difference in the world.

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  • I’ve found online classes difficult during the pandemic, but Clare’s class was amazing! It provided a well needed opportunity to relax, move and recharge. Clare is so knowledgeable. I found the breathing and relaxation exercises we did were very useful during labor.

    Eileen Jack
    3 March 2021
  • I have just completed my Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Clare and it was just amazing. She is a fabulous professional teacher, her kind and loving nature just flows and her energy just connects with all her students. I consider myself very fortunate to have been drawn to her to be my tutor and would thoroughly recommend anyone considering this training to contact Clare.

    Linda McMahon
    4 February 2021
  • Clare is such a fantastic teacher. She is so kind and compassionate and makes you feel completely at ease. She has great energy and enthusiasm when she teaches and she has so much knowledge that you learn so much from her classes. I would higly recommend her to everyone.

    Emma Cahalan
    15 December 2020
  • Recently finished my Reiki online course with Clare and I could not recommend it enough. I’ve wanted to train in reiki for the longest time and with having a lot more time on my hands it was the perfect time to do it. Clare is an amazing teacher and you can tell she is passionate about what she does. Can’t wait to meet up after my 21days looking forward to it.

    Aliosia Mitchell
    21 June 2020

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