About Us

Our Story

Yoga with Clare began when I started teaching yoga in 2009. I didn’t know then all the joy it would bring me and others. I am passionate about supporting yoga and meditation teachers sharing the life changing skills of yoga and meditation. I strongly believe that each one of us has the power to connect in to our own inner wisdom so we can teach from the heart, support our students and ourselves,  feel good and live our best lives.

Clare Bassett

Our Instructors

Meet some of the wonderful teachers and guides that are here to support you on your yoga journey.

Clare Bassett

I set up Yoga With Clare in 2009 because I was passionate about sharing the life changing skills of yoga and meditation.

Paula Flood

Registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals UK, Paula has been practising yoga since the mid-nineties and teaching for over 20 years.

Emma Calahan

Emma is a guest tutor on the pregnancy yoga teacher training. She also joins in some of the pregnancy yoga classes to share some tips and answer questions.

Michael McCann

A senior teacher trainer with twenty years experience, Micheal teaches mantra and mudra on the pregnancy yoga teacher training.

The Zoom Room

Yoga with Clare has been online in the zoom room since March 2020. A bit technophobic and  a reluctant subscriber to online classes at first this is why I’m a total convert. 


Yoga at home is something I’d love everyone to experience. 

  • Etch out that space for yourself in your own home, use your fancy candle or not. You decide.
  • No commuting, no finding parking, no leaving the lovely space at the end to drive home in the dark. 
  • People tend to be more relaxed and can look at the teacher not each other which encourages correct alignment and a non competitive atmosphere 
  • Minimal disruptions from late comers, or the next class arriving or people coming into the wrong room
  • Pets welcome 
  • Classes can be recorded and done again or sent on if missed
  • With the cameras on and small class numbers, students get verbal feedback and adjustments, by listening and finding the correct alignment for their unique body they increase their own body awareness and understanding of the pose
  • Live classes means you still have that important student teacher relationship and sense of motivation
  • Guaranteed small numbers in the classes to allow for connection between students from all over the world 
  • Breakout rooms on the longer courses mean you don’t miss out on group work and those special connections and learning you get from working with peers.  
  • If you don’t feel like getting up and moving at the end of class you can stay on your mat for as long as you like, mmmh sweet shavasana.


I love my live online classes from my own tiny studio in my home in East Galway. I promise you to keep the class numbers low to ensure that special quality. I’m a teacher by nature not a great performer (I get shy public speaking)  so I love to be able to see you when you practice so please turn the camera on when you’re  practicing the poses. It helps me to know where everyone is at and to make the most of the class.