April Chakra Yoga with the crystals

Dancer pose, yoga by the sea

April Chakra Yoga with the crystals

We hear a strange sound in our car ,what do we do?  Bring it to the mechanic?  But often when we feel something slightly off in our body or mind and we push through. Sometimes that works.

We often try to think our way out of a bad mood, blame someone, ignore it or look to escape from it with coffee, food , alcohol, Netflix etc.

Sometimes that works, sometimes it leaves us feeling worse.

If you’d like to have some holistic tools to help with this, and a system for gentle self enquiry and healing then this is the course for you.

If you love yoga and you’d like to learn more about the chakras, then this is for you.

If you are curious about yoga and the crystals this is for you.

And if you just need a break in your week, some time for you to recharge… then this is the course for you.


It’s not for those who have no interest in the chakras or crystals.


The aim of the course is to have you glowing and feeling connected and energised and understanding how to do this for yourself.


We will be focused on yoga for the subtle energy body. Yoga for getting unstuck and deeply healing yoga relaxations.

Each week  we’ll move through a beautiful yoga flow to awaken awareness and energy through the chakras.

This will leave you feeling revitalised and peaceful.

We will explore what the chakras are,  focusing on a different one each class.

We’ll cover crystals and the theory and traditions behind working with them.

And we’ll end each session with some beautiful restorative chakra yoga with the crystals, and a deep healing relaxation.


Additionally you’ll receive

  • Your own personal set of quality and sustainably sourced chakra crystals  posted out to you. (They are gorgeous.)
  • PDF of  your manual  so you can do the practices any time you need an energy boost.(manuals can be printed and posted on request with an additional cost of €5)
  • Recordings will be made available for 7 days after the class.
  • Healing yoga nidra with the crystals recording, yours to keep.


What you’ll need..

Recommended – Have your own favourite blankets and a cushion or pillow or two.

Have your water or tea with you.

To make the most of it bring a sense of curiosity and openness.

Highly recommend you take some time during the week to do some of the practices again.

Experience not necessary, your own crystals are welcome but not necessary.

Booking essential as spaces limited.

Hourly Schedule

Day 1

7 - 8:45
Start from the heart
Meditation, Asana (poses) and a beautiful restorative yoga pose with the crystals

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16 Jul 2024 - 03 Sep 2024


19:00 - 20:45




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