Free Pregnancy Yoga Taster this March

Free Pregnancy Yoga Taster this March

Most yoga classes are predominantly female and at some stage some of those students are pregnant,  yet many yoga teachers feel really nervous about having a pregnant student in the class.

You know certain things are not advised for pregnancy but you’re not sure which pose or why.

Your 200hour course was amazing but there just wasn’t time to cover everything, you just know enough to know there are things you don’t know yet.

This short workshop will give you the three key things to avoid with your pregnant students and why.

I’ll let you know how you can take the next steps in becoming a pregnancy yoga teacher and why its such a great offering to add to your classes.

We’ll do a short pregnancy yoga practice, and end the session with a sweet relaxation suitable for pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be a really beautiful time in a person’s life but it can also be challenging, isolating and a roller coaster of emotions, upheavals and life changes.

You already have the yoga skills to really help people with change and transition.

I invite you to join me and find out more about how pregnancy and yoga work.

What’s included  

  • Your free guide to poses and practices for pregnancy
  • Supportive, empowering environment, questions answered
  • Informative workshop
  • Yoga relaxation

What you need to bring

  • Openness, sense of curiosity and fun
  • Your happy place to practice, and mat water, blanket, plus any other props you’d like
  • All your stress from the week so you can dump it out on the mat
  • And any questions you may have


Empower yourself to support your students and build their confidence in themselves and their bodies.

Meet other yoga teachers and up your skills and knowledge while also enjoying a lovely session of pranayama, asana, and learning together.

Find out how to become a wonderful pregnancy yoga teacher.


What yoga teachers are saying..

Clare is calm and calming, wise, strong, funny, compassionate and easy to approach. Her knowledge of yoga and the body is astounding. I hope I have the opportunity to attend one of her courses in the very near future.

  Anna Pavlides 

Clare is who I was honoured to be taught by and receive my Pregnancy YTT from. A genuinely beautiful lady, who is a specialist in this field! For anyone thinking of doing this, you won’t ever regret it.

Gemma Cullen

I completed pregnancy yoga teacher training with Clare (virtually) and would highly recommend it. It was very practical with lots of discussion too. She is a great mentor and inspired me to be more confident working with people during their pregnancy. 

Fiona Dolan


Maximum participants: 16


15 Mar 2023


19:30 - 20:30


Remote (Zoom)