Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga to support you and your baby

Whether you are a newbee to yoga or have a regular yoga practice these classes are designed to safely support you throughout pregnancy and help prepare you for labour, birth and what comes after.

​Pregnancy is a time of change and yoga helps you to adjust to these changes and connect with your body and your baby.

Each weekly class will consist of powerful pranayama practices(breathing) to help you centre and feel good,  Asana or (yoga poses) to stretch and flow safely and give you a feeling of space in your body, and strength in yourself  and end with a pregnancy yoga nidra (or relaxation) which helps with sleep and gives your body the deep rest it needs.

​Each month the classes will include gentle integrated pelvic floor work, exploration of some themes from yoga as well as relaxation and one class will focus a little more on preparing for labour, birth and beyond.

Recordings can be made available on request for 7 days after the class so you don’t need to miss one.  Pregnant members are welcome to join the mindflow slow flow classes and the Monday meditations and yoga nidra sessions as well as the monthly restorative session for no additional cost.


What the students say:

Hi Clare, Thanks so much for all the help along my pregnancy journey. I really enjoyed the sessions and it definitely helped me in labour.

Mary Buckman

I started Clare’s classes at around 15 weeks pregnant and they quickly became something I really looked forward to each week! The classes were so gentle and relaxing and I always felt amazing afterwards. Life is busy but the weekly class was a great opportunity to slow down, listen to my body and bond with my baby. The breathing exercises and movements were also great to help prepare for birth. I’d really recommend Clare’s pregnancy classes to any expectant mamas!

Amanda Roche, Galway

I signed up for Clare’s pregnancy yoga class after another yoga teacher spoke highly of it.
I’ve found online classes difficult during the pandemic, but Clare’s class was amazing! It provided a well needed opportunity to relax, move and recharge. Clare is so knowledgeable. Because she teaches others to be prenatal yoga instructors, she was able to tailor the sessions to us and how we were feeling while also knowing what poses were safe to do during pregnancy, and even though we weren’t in the same room Clare was able to see what we were doing and make sure we were doing things correctly to avoid any injury. I found the breathing and relaxation exercises we did were very useful during labor.
My son and I are now doing mum and baby yoga with Clare. It’s a really fun way to play with baby, and I’ve found even after one class that it has helped reduce back and shoulder tension. I’m now trying to get back running, and the classes are really good to counterbalance the impact from jogging.

Eileen Jack, Belfast


13 Jan 2022


18:00 - 19:15




Remote (Zoom)