Monday Meditation

Monday Meditation

In this live weekly class you will be guided through a simple meditation, based around a weekly theme. The meditations can be done sitting in a comfortable upright chair, or sitting on a cushion on the floor (if you are comfortable).

These classes are completely suitable for beginners to meditation or anyone who wants a little extra support in their meditation practice and the power and fun of practising in a group.

Each week you will be given tips to support you developing your own at home meditation practice.

This class will leave you feeling calm, centred and capable and with tips and skills to take this with you into your week.

You can finish at 7:30 or stay for a lovely relaxation until 7:45pm

Clare was one of my first ever meditation teachers. Her gentle approach and deep knowledge of yoga and meditation is something that will stay with me forever. Thank you for starting me on this beautiful path.  

Stephen Downey

Founder of the mindful living guide podcast, Dublin


06 Sep 2021


19:00 - 19:30




Remote (Zoom)